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Cancer February Horoscope - How will be the month of February The Cancer February monthly horoscope forecasts that if you've been If you are stressed out on the 15th, you are going to have a hard time.
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Sometimes, however, you can be just a tad too quick off the mark. This week check all facts before marching into battle - as someone could be planning an ambush. You could do with some light relief. In the meantime, if others are still out to undermine you, the planets provide cosmic carte blanche to regain control.

This time, you get the upper hand.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Life becomes all about independence, and reclaiming your own strength. Leos are the most vibrant and energetic of the zodiac signs. Ruled by the Sun, you radiate a warm, outgoing nature and never do anything by halves. You're a born leader; an initiator - someone who loves to act, to do, to bring about change.

No one has a completely drama free existence - we all make mistakes. Consider, though, that errors of judgement are simply learning tools towards self awareness, wisdom and compassion. Forgive others, and yourself. Work regains priority.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

You enjoy giving the old neurones a bit of a run. When presented with different options, act quickly. Do your best to resolve long standing problems, but avoid putting others on a pedestal; remember, the higher they are - the further they have to fall. A potential lover becomes a best friend instead. Some describe you as a perfectionist, with negative implications saying that you're too concerned with the trivial details of life.

This isn't true. You prefer to call it "discrimination" - in your mind, you need to be picky because not everything deserves your attention. Intense, deep emotions about the relationship patterns you fall into are brought to the surface as the moon meets Pluto, the planet of secrets. The dark side of relationships is more approachable.

This aspect can bring an attraction to dangerous situations and shady people, so keep your wits about you and know how to stand up for yourself. Venus faces off with stern Saturn and intense Pluto, asking that you draw the line somewhere. The planet of communication, Mercury, moves back into your sign and meets the sun, helping you realize the new direction you want to head in, and the best way for you to share your message. Be honest with yourself about the amount of tasks you can handle on any given day. Take a break as Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, your house of isolation on Sunday, practically begging you to take a vacation!

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Your friendships and dating life are emphasized and the planet of love, Venus, faces off with the planet of boundaries, Saturn, helping you reconsider the ways you commit to your politics. As the full moon touches the intense planet of secrets, Pluto, there is an ability to get in touch with your deepest emotions concerning the things that make you happiest, strengthening your understanding of the type of sex, fun, or creative expression that makes you feel supported. Secrets about your inner circle are revealed, but be wary of manipulation—both Pluto and Neptune like to spin the truth.

Gossip is conspiratorial. Luckily, your ruling planet Mercury meets the sun on Sunday, bringing clarity and revision to your subjective truth. Pay close attention to your feelings about your domestic life—they come from a deep place, so take time to trace your emotions to an ancestral source.

The eclipse meets with power planet Pluto, making emotions seem unscalable, but all things pass. Get creative with your workflow as Venus harmonizes with mystical Neptune. This full moon eclipse puts you deep inside your own thoughts and feelings. As the full moon meets conspiratorial Pluto and Venus, the planet of values, harmonizes with nebulous Neptune, it can be hard to put your finger on the truth.

You can be attracted to theories that blow things out of proportion or are warped and twisted! Or, use these spin doctors to your advantage and create a powerful artistic masterpiece.

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As the full moon illuminates your house of material resources, it also touches power planet Pluto. Some astrologers relate Pluto to a deep well of money, a great fortune—whether this is a net positive or negative is subjective. You have a lot of big ideas about the person you want to be and the power you want to have as the full moon meets power planet Pluto, giving you the upper hand.

Use your power for good, Cap. Pluto can be manipulative, jealous, or greedy—be grateful for everything that you have and understand the reasons you want more. When it comes to Pluto, there never seems to be enough, but as soon as you stop pushing you own agenda so hard, things come easily. The full moon eclipse in Capricorn brings deep, hidden emotions to the surface.

There is something stirring deep inside, but it can be hard to put your finger on without enough time and space to yourself.

Daily Horoscope for Thursday, February 15 | puteqefejyzi.gq

Take some time alone to listen to your thoughts and deepen your relationship with yourself. For Aquarius and Aquarius rising, the Cancer-Capricorn axis signifies your mind-body connection—as well as your work and volunteer gigs. The eclipses this year have been affecting your social life, Pisces, and there is a full moon eclipse on Tuesday that brings community drama to a head! This eclipse is sitting on top of power planet Pluto, so secrets about someone in the scene can come up. Pluto is a master manipulator and Venus will be in cahoots with nebulous Neptune, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

Steer clear of people who boss you around or make you feel small—stick up for yourself. When Venus faces off with Pluto, it can make power dynamics with your friends catty. You have feelings about this, of course, and receive flashes of emotional insight about what to do with all this power. This eclipse is sitting with power planet Pluto, which gives you a wealth of authority.